Our Mantra

Mana Loa, or “Great Power” in Polynesian, is a supernatural life force present in all things. It is the substance that forms both souls and magic. Polynesians believe the root of all success lies in harnessing Mana Loa, and it is also from what the shamans derive their healing powers.

Mana Loa Clothing is a reaction to modern living. Our high stress, competitive society has left many feeling lost and powerless. Tired of feeling like cogs in the machine, we wonder if there is a more meaningful way of life.

Mana Loa Clothing represents a movement away from the long hours we spend living virtually: staring at a computer, television, or phone screen, and back towards first hand, authentic experiences. We believe the way to cure this modern malady is to get outside our respective cities, explore new places, meet new people, and immerse ourselves in new cultures. When we adopt this lifestyle we access the healing powers of Mana Loa and lead the fulfilling lives we deserve.

Our clothes are designed to keep you stylish and comfortable wherever your adventures take you.

This product is made using a premium performance fabric perfect for the backpacking lifestyle.  Softer than your favorite vintage t-shirt but with high performance capabilities such as breathability, quick dry, moisture wicking, and anti odor, this shirt is perfect for both lounging around with friends or trekking the jungles of Southeast Asia.  Combined with an advanced construction for maximum mobility and durability, this shirt is built to take on any adventure.

Our designs give off an air of casual sophistication that is worldly but down to earth and relaxed. The graphics on our t-shirts depict your jet-setting lifestyle. We leave every place we visit better than we found it by giving back to the local communities.

Mana Loa Clothing is about living empowered. It means pursuing your dreams, taking chances, pushing boundaries, and having faith things will work out.   We want everyone to know the feeling of stepping outside their comfort zone, taking that last minute trip to paradise, diving off a cliff, and exploring a foreign culture.

Please join us in our search for the Great Power.




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